Round Track

Heavy Wall and stainless steel Dolly Track. Heavy wall is manufactured from 1-1/2" diameter steel tube and is chrome plated to protect it from negative environmental effects. Eight pieces of 8' 45 degree are required for 20' diameter circle.


The full-featured jib that supports film or video cameras weighing. The head attachment is adaptable between 75mm and 100mm, and may be reversed when an ant's-eye point of view is desired. Standard barbell-type plates (not included) are employed for the counterweight, and the whole assembly sets up and breaks down in a simple, logical manner.

Jimmy Jip

Maneuverability, the highest quality and ease of operation are the key inspirations behind the design of the Jimmy-Jib Arm. As a result, industry veterans have been able to create the most versatile and user-friendly jib available.

Mini Jimmy Jip

Fully Ribbed Section Makes the Jib Stronger to bear the camera weight upto From 15 lbs to 10 lbs without Head and from 10 lbs to 6 lbs when using with head.

Dario Dolly

Developed in Italy, engineered and designed with the latest technology in structural materials and surface finishes, hardly tested to ensure an accurate reliable operation. The Dario dolly guarantees its performance under every environmental condition.

This dolly drives very smoothly on the tracks, which makes it very useful for long lenses. It can be used for different kind of tracks.

Car Mount

The Car Mounting System is a heavy-duty kit that enables a pro-grade camera to be mounted to a car.

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